TORC Investigators' Meetings

2016 Meeting 


The Transfusion Research Unit hosted a successful annual investigators’ meeting of the Transfusion Outcomes Research Collaborative (TORC) on Friday 17 June. Over 50 people from different clinical, government, academic and community backgrounds participated in reviewing the work of the blood diseases projects, including registries collecting data on massive transfusion, TTP, NAIT, thalassaemia and sickle cell disease, and aplastic anaemia.

The morning session focused on the Massive Transfusion Registry, with presentations on different clinical aspects of massive transfusion, including in gastrointestinal haemorrhage and liver transplantation, and the challenges in registry data analysis and in engaging stakeholders to use registry data to influence practice. The afternoon session included Mr Michael Stone, Acting CEO of the National Blood Authority, speaking about government research priorities. Dr Shlomo Cohney addressed the challenges of developing clinical practice guidelines for rare disorders like TTP. Dr Piers Blombery spoke about the opportunities of genomics for diagnosis and improving management of blood diseases, and Dr Paul Lacaze about a public health approach to genomics and rare diseases. Feedback was very positive and TORC thanks everyone who participated.

Speaker presentations have been uploaded below (where available) for your ease and reference.

Morning session:

Progress on the update of the critical bleeding/massive transfusion guidelines – Dr Biswadev Mitra
MTR update – Dr Rasa Ruseckaite
Challenges in the analysis of registry data – A/Prof Arul Earnest (not available)
GI Haemorrhage and Special Interest Group – Dr Shara Ket
Liver Transplantation and Special Interest Group – Prof David Roxby and Dr Louise Ellard
Impact of registry data on practice – Prof David Pilcher (not available)

Afternoon session:

Australian Red Cross Blood Service – Prof Robert Flower, ARCBS
Evidence, research and the NBA – Mr Michael Stone, NBA
Haemoglobinopathy Registry – Dr Gemma Crighton, Ms Melissa Chee
NAIT Registry – Dr Gemma Crighton
TTP Registry – Dr Leah Kivivali
Thrombotic microangiopathies: the need for practice guidelines – Dr Shlomo Cohney
Aplastic Anaemia Registry – Dr Leah Kivivali
Genomics for blood diseases – Dr Piers Blombery (not available)
Genomics and rare diseases: a public health approach – Dr Paul Lacaze